Style Butterfly

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A proper posture begins with the proper way of sitting. Designed with a flowing curved lines to emulate the hands of a chiropractor, the Style Seat features a lower back system that supports the natural “S” curve line of your backbone, pelvis and thighs while maintaining your body at a levelled position to prevent distortion or extreme pressure on either side.

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Supports the Ilium

Firmly supports both sides of the ilium to maintain a firm hold on the pelvis

Orthostatic Pelvic Tilt

By tilting the angle of the seat base slightly forward, you can maintain the body’s forward- tilting center of balance. This leads to the ideal posture with an upright pelvis.

Curved Body-traced surface

The curves that fit firmly with the body avoiding putting pressure on the muscles and prevent any sideways or backward tilting disparities of the pelvis.

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