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The World's First Passive Exercising Chair!

Vita Chair is the most innovative Recliner Chair that permits you to sit and be active at the same time.
– 3 unique movements, AIBI’s Vita chair leaves you feeling energized every time after using it.
– 9 unique programs designed specifically for a different purpose, users will be able to enjoy different health, beauty, and fitness benefits.

AIBI Relax Range of Massagers

Indulge in the calming embrace of our Relax Range, meticulously crafted to melt away tension and soothe tired muscles. With a gentle touch, these massagers provide a customizable massage experience that caters to your unique preferences, ensuring a perfect balance of relaxation and relief. Whether you're seeking to ease the burdens of a long day or simply looking to enhance your overall well-being, our Relax Range of Massagers invites you to immerse yourself in a world of pure serenity.


Inversion Table helps the body decompress, using your own body weight and gravity to elongate the back, relax tense muscles and relieve back pain.
It decompresses using the same forces that compress the back while upright, this natural form of traction is comfortable and can be easily done in your own home.


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