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Lumidiet is your solution to achieve a slim and trim body.

  • Wearble health care device that uses light to decrease fat from fat cells

  • Does not require any surgical treatment to lose fat

  • Motor-vibration added to enable faster elimimination of fat cells

  • Clinically proven to burns up to 500 calories of fat in just 30 minutes *individual results may vary

  • Recognized as an innovative fat loss designer device in The Luxury Technology Show 2017 in New York City, America

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About LumitDiet

World’s First LED Diet Belt - Light is Diet. Dieting using lights.

  • Proven technology for fat cell reduction

LFRT – LED Fat Reduction Technology

Low level light therapy is the use of low-level visible or near-infrared (IR) light from lasers for light therapy. It is used for treating diseases and body contouring/fat reduction by exposing our body to sunlight or an artificial light source with a specific wavelength and intensity.

Functions of LumiDiet


The combination of LED light therapy technology and vibration helps your body to burn th efat more easily and faster: Melting down the fat by LED light first and helps burning of the fat by vibration later. 

It is resistant against dust and sweat because LED pad contains the projecting LED lamps

Lumidiet Features

When can I use it?

Lumidiet only requires 1 or 2 seesions per day and 30 minutes per session for the proper results. You can maximise the fat reduction effect by combining with exercises such as cardio

LumiDiet Fat Loss Mechanism 1

Fat Loss Mechanism 1

The NIR(4~5cm) & red LED (1cm) light safely penetrates the skin targeting the fat cells in the subcutaneous layer. This is the third layer of skin that contains the fatty tissues and stores energy.

Fat Loss Mechanism 2

When fat cells are exposed to light they become active and break down into fatty acid, glycerol and water. Light also makes the fat cells porous, so the fat leaks out into the body, where eventually disappears. Exercise helps to speed up the process.

Lumidiet Mobile Application

LumiDiet includes IoT technology, which allows a connection between the belt and smartphones to track biometrics, physical activities, fat reduction data, tips for burning fat, personal information, and etc through mobile application. Also, users can experience, earn tips and support from social communities, and motivate each other through social media

Lumidiet FDA Certification
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Wireless Connectivity Yes
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